A Morning May Blessing

May returns to meet us once more,
allowing us to sew our still tender
post-pandemic seeds into her fertile soil.
Gentle, she asks. Ask her permission still.
Sit humbly and listen for her reply.

May returns with winds that whip
and lift our limbs to the sky.
Rising and falling, shaking fears
from our minds down through our tailbones
down down into toe roots,
and absorbed by the soil-bed
where they’re placed to rest. Sssshhhhh….

Lie down if you need.
May you lie down with ease,
with hearth fires warmly surrounding you,
smoke rising to greet the light of the sun.
May you wake nourished
on the fruits of this season.
And oh may this season expand and unfold—
Filled with each breath.
Feet steady with possibility on your path.
Each thought deep listening
to the gentled hum of your heart.

May you feel held by the land holding you on all sides, the stars on your shoulders all warming you
into this very moment of being you
just as you are in the great wild family of things.

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