Appalachian Lullabies

Appalachian Lullabies is a collection of poems written by Poet and Doula Tiffany Narron in the river valley of Western North Carolina with cover art by Artist Jackie Rubino.

This 54-page self-published collection is comprised of 46 poems and one essay. The poems are teachings from nature, weaving her infinite reminders to slow-in and listen. They are conversations and meditations on talking with the animals and ancestors that hold and pattern a way through the more than human world. A handful were published in a limited edition publication titled Soft With Me published in 2021, yet most were written in 2023 while studying writing and storytelling as medicine. I hope these poems touch a space within you, to quietin in and listen.

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Letters For Tallulah

This is a collection of 35 poems, which hold yearnings of the spirit, reflections on nature’s teachings, and prayers that capture the delicate details of living, inter-weaving them into self and our collective journey. It is named in memory of my spirit girl Tallulah with a handful of poems pulled from journals during my pregnancy and loss of her and many more poems centered around nature and the human experience of loss, yearning, and connectivity.

It also includes a piece of dreamy Appalachian artwork hand-drawn and carved in linocut inside by the incredible Artist Jackie Rubino tucked inside.

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