About Me…

LuxeHousePhotographic digital (1000 of 1).jpgI am a deep-thinking and endlessly curious person, a writer who enjoys weaving other’s stories into their ability to make a living using the vehicle of online marketing. My focus is in social media content creation, advertising and account management, public relations, and content marketing. All of my work is done with respect to the authenticity and integrity of a person, business or organization and their work. I’m not interested in creating ‘click bait’ for the sake of increased sales. I create authentic content that captures the spirit and purpose of your work process, collaborations, and the stories that define who you are and how you do what you do. I help define the best strategies to allow those stories to increase engagement, awareness, and growth of your work in the online space–connecting with people eager and hungry to connect with you around what you do. 


 My goal is to tell the stories of your work, drawing your voice into a social space to connect with others in thoughtful, meaningful ways while reaching your business goals–educating your community, offering a product or service, sharing resources, or advocating for a valuable cause.  I do not believe the two are disparate pieces or should be disconnected in any way. Your brand story and marketing strategy should reflect who you are, what your offering means within the community, and how it works in tandem with those around you as a reflection of your values and mission in the world.

I’m a Western North Carolinian of thirteen years, involved in the local and regional community–from Asheville, N.C. to Hot Springs, N.C. (my new hometown). I studied communication at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and went on to become the Social Media Director at JB Media Group for 5+ years, working with local and regional businesses in defining their social media presence–drawing out stories, defining goals, and creating an authentic space where brand personality is reflected and serving as a public space for others to connect and engage with. Afterward, I worked as a contract freelance writer and social media manager in my own right for two years, exploring how best to utilize these tools for local nonprofits, and have since moved into a full-time role as Content Manager for United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County.