About Me

I am a writer who believes in both communication and the written word as valuable tools we can wield to help release that which binds, integrate the spirit with the physical, the logical with the dreaming, the individual in community.

I write what I call Poetic Narrative, allowing the everyday flow of life to fuse with symbology, ritual, folklore, and spiritual reverence. The dreamlike prose that emerges holds yearnings of the spirit, reflections on nature’s teachings, and prayers that capture the delicate details of living, inter-weaving them into self and our collective journey.

I’m an avid hiker, paddle-boarder, and backpacker. I believe that it is through play and exploration of our bodies in nature that we find connection and healing with the land that holds us. This year, I’m excited to be working with SheJumps as a volunteer Ambassador, helping support their work in empowering girls and women to feel safe and able to explore the outdoors, break through their fears, and grow to their full potential. I also run a women’s standup paddle-boarding group, WNC SUP Sisters, which helps bring women across Western North Carolina together to feel connected in nature and able to explore and grow personally and collectively on the water.

A North Carolinian by birth, and a Western North Carolinian of 14 years, I studied Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. Through the years, I have worked with small businesses to help craft their stories and capture community in action as the Social Media Director at JB Media Group, the Content Manager at United Way of Asheville, and as a freelance writer and poet in my own right. My passion is capturing people, processes, moments, and movements in words, uplifting the vision and values of an artist’s craft or organization’s mission through meaningful, honest, community-centered storytelling.

You can explore more of my poetic narrative HERE, join me paddling this season through WNC SUP Sisters if you identify as female and have an interest in paddling flat or white water and connecting with other women, or contact me through the contact form here on my website if you’re interested in collaborating in any of these capacities.