About Me…

Tiffany Narron
Photo: Red Feather West

I am a writer by trade and at heart, who enjoys capturing and telling stories using online platforms as the vehicles for sharing. My focus is in content marketing and social media strategy–creating authentic content that captures the spirit and purpose of a person or organization’s work. I help create the strategies and develop the content that provide the necessary education around a person or organization’s work, which drives engagement and awareness in the online space. 

My goal is to draw the voice of an organization into the online space to better connect with their unique audience in a thoughtful way while educating the community around their craft, advocating for a valuable cause, providing tangible online resources to further their presence as a knowledgable resource in their craft and ultimately better reach their aligned business goals.

Photo: Red Feather West

I’m a Western North Carolinian of thirteen years, involved in the local and regional community–from Asheville, N.C. to Hot Springs, N.C. I studied communication at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, went on to serve as the Social Media Director at JB Media Group for 5+ years, working with local and regional businesses in defining their online marketing goals and creating an online engagement strategy that would serve them well. Afterward, I worked as a contract freelance writer and social media manager, exploring how best to utilize these tools for nonprofits, and later moved into a full time role with United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County serving as the Content Manager in a similar capacity.