About Me

My work is capturing people, processes, moments, and movements. I am a writer, by trade and at heart, who believes in both communication and the written word as valuable tools we can wield to help release that which binds, integrate the spirit with the physical, the logical with the dreaming, the individual in community.

My work has taken many forms– in supporting the storytelling and digital marketing strategy for small businesses, in freelance writing uplifting community story and voice, and in poetic narrative form, which has been my focus in the last few years. Poetic Narrative invites the everyday flow of life to fuse with symbology, ritual, folklore, and spiritual reverence. The dreamlike prose that emerges holds yearnings of the spirit, reflections on nature’s teachings, and prayers that capture the delicate details of living, inter-weaving them into self and our collective journey. This process is using story as medicine, to reconnect with nature and cultivate deep awareness and respect for her as we explore the land and waterways that nurture and sustain us.

I prefer to be outside in relationship with the “greater than human” world as eco-psychologist Mary Jayne Rust says. I am an avid hiker, paddle-boarder, and backpacker and wanderer really as I truly believe it is through play and exploration of our bodies in nature that we find connection, healing, and reciprocity with the land that holds us. I’m also working with SheJumps as an Ambassador for the second year, helping support their work in empowering girls and women to feel safe and able to explore the outdoors.