About Me

I am a writer who fiercely believes in both communication and the written word as the tools to name all the shadows and truths within, to help release that which binds, and integrate the spirit and physical forms, the individual in community.

Tiffany writes what she calls Poetic Narrative, allowing the everyday flow of life to fuse with the symbology, ritual, folklore, and spiritual reverence she holds within. The dreamlike storied prose that emerges holds yearnings of the spirit, reflections on nature’s teachings, and prayers that capture the delicate details of living and interweaving them into self and our collective journey.

I am a North Carolinian by birth, and a Western North Carolinian of 14 years. I studied Journalism and Communication at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. Through the years, I have worked with small businesses to help craft their stories online as the Social Media Director at JB Media Group, the Content Manager at United Way of Asheville, and as a freelance writer and poet in my own right. 

I’ve worked with local and regional small businesses and nonprofits for eight years, creating online engagement strategies that uplift the overall vision, mission, and values of their craft while growing their businesses authentically through values-driven, community-centered digital storytelling. Outside of my work in digital marketing and freelance writing, I write Poetic Narrative. You can explore more of this work HERE.