‘Poem for your Pocket’ Project

Poem for your Pocket is a project I began as a way to share poetry in community. In each machine, there are four poems as there are four elements, four directions, and four has always called to me as a sacred numerical rhythm. The hope is that each poem shared invites you into a slower pace, to find your embodied center again, to listen for your numerical rhythm in that moment and carry it around with you, sharing that vibrational energy as you go. 

I’ve also added four gift certificates in each to share four copies of my latest collection of poems, Appalachian Lullabies. I’m so touched to share these in such incredibly beautiful healing spaces. I hope you’ll find time to visit and soak in the healing offerings these spaces provide and walk away with a poem in your pocket.

“I went to the Show and Tell pop up shop this weekend and saw your poem gumball machine! I got one of your poems, the one called “Patterning a Calmer Pace”. I swear, it was almost like opening a fortune cookie, I felt like the poem was written just for me. I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately for not doing “enough” and your poem was a great reminder for me, about the beauty of slowing down. “You cannot save anything by going faster” is such a beautiful line, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week. I just wanted to say that the gumball machine was such a great idea, and I am really so touched by your poem. Thank you!” -Haley

Where to Find Poem for Your Pocket

  • Asheville Salt Cave
  • Be Well Black Mountain