It Happens Just Like That

It happens just like that

Leaves lush and spilling forth

covering us in spring’s abundance.

Now baked golden and swirling in our breath

Lapping autumn pools like a moon belly

growing wide and wise in the year.

It happens just like that

Your small fur body, warm at home in my hand

Now buried beneath the catalpa.

It happens just like that.

The toboggan pulled from the drawer

Sun dancing behind a gauzy cloud curtain

teasing memory of a former self.

Let down yer yeller hair the ballad singer bellows into the night

as our truck rounds the curves down into our river valley home.

Tonight we feast and sing and make a fire for the disappearing sun.

Tomorrow we remember.

As the daylight fades and the frost hovers over your grave.

We remember the formation of pointed ears and the soft of your eyes, the gentle motion of your paws dream running in bed.

All forming a constellation of sorts mapping our way in.

We remember to stop the clocks and light a candle for everything happening then and now.

Happening just like this.

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