Warm and Un-wanting…

I was really hoping you wouldn’t be something else I have to heal from.

And yet here I am…

That thick, hazy white light that was us, leaking from within,

lowering in soft shades from my physical form out onto this river valley.

I wonder if you can see it way down there on the other side of the mountain.

I’ll bet it comes through like an unexpected band of stars, begging your attention in their quiet celestial command.

What a thing…

to embody a soft authority,

to elicit a universal call to curiosity, simply by existing…

Remember that afternoon we meditated side by side? Our bodies warm, quiet and un-wanting, content in stillness.

Forming our very own constellation– physical you and me alongside our infinite spiritual bodies, spilling forth into a unified unknown.

We made that. Without even trying.

And since you’ve been gone, I’ve carried it with me down to the banks of the old French Broad and tried my best to shine it all out.

You. Me.

Our unborn.

And I wonder if you can see it all way down there on the front porch of these here mountains we call home. I wonder if you feel it the way I do, radiating warm within my bones.

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  1. Faith Hooton says:

    Beautifully said🥰


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