Carnal Cry…

A long cry of oOoOowws making their way through the bare branches and across the creek.

Untamed. Their high pitch guttural pack-song pierces the cool fall air,

Bouncing circular around the holler

back into the hay field and into my loft window.

Like a siren’s song, haunting and wild.

Seducing me into a trance.

Awakening the carnal desires that course through my blood, were born into my bones.

Suppressed by society rules.

Held tethered and caged in the appropriate spaces and merely let out on a walk in acceptable ways.

Run, kick, rip, fuck…. HoooOooOoowwwWlll.

Their voices cry, mimicking the depth of my internal want, calling my animal forth by name.

Don’t think.

Clamber down your ladder, out the door and into this wood with us.

Another world awaits you here in the higher order of things, freed from society.

Do not be afraid. You’ve been here before.

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