I write what I call Poetic Narrative, allowing the everyday flow of life to fuse with the symbology, ritual, folklore, and deep spiritual reverence I hold within. The dreamlike storied prose that emerges holds yearnings of the spirit, reflections on nature’s teachings, prayers that capture the delicate details of living, interweaving them into self and our collective journey.

I write to remember. I write to call something forward from the shadows.

I write to intertwine the seen and unseen, the past and present, the tangible and mythical, into words that serve as reminders of the veils we dance within.

I was recently awarded a grant from the N.C. Arts Council and Haywood County Arts Council to print, bind, and publish a book of my poetry, ‘Soft With Me.’

You can ramble around in my writing on the Poetic Narrative tab and purchase a copy of my book on Etsy.

My next collection of poems ‘Letters for Tully’ is set for print in 2021.