As a writer and a communicator, my work takes many forms–from freelance writing of human interest stories and community arts pieces to crafting social media content and accompanying social advertisements to public relations/outreach support or a combination of all three of these important online marketing strategies.

I didn’t originally think that I’d find myself working in this capacity. I entered college with floppy discs back in 2002 with an interested in being an undercover reporter. A professor quickly asked me to toss those discs and pick up a flash drive and a year later I found myself interning with the cherry soft drink giant of the south, Cheerwine, as their on-campus Myspace guerrilla marketing ambassador. I know, quite a mouthful that is. Basically, they sent me cases of Cheerwine each month and I found creative ways to haul it onto campus–setting up frisbee toss tournaments and ping-pong tables with buckets of iced cherry sodas and swag close by. Then I’d step by and snap photos as the fun ensued, run home and upload all the action to Myspace afterward. Yep, Myspace. I feel so old typing that.

Fast forward to my graduation and I find myself in the board room of the Grove Park Inn as their new outsourced social media manager. I’ve continued to work in online marketing and as a freelance writer in Asheville since. I enjoy working with small businesses and nonprofits to develop authentic and sustainable online marketing strategies, helping define goals, create valuable content, increase engagement and awareness. I create content that is authentic to the person, place, organization or small business I’m writing for and believe in quality over quantity. It’s more important to place your product, service or offering in meaningful ways online, co-creating natural partnerships that help uplift your work and utilizing your social networks to do the same–sharing thoughtful, educational and interesting information for the community and the world.