LuxeHousePhotographic digital (1000 of 1)I am a deep-thinking and endlessly curious person. I am a writer at heart and a enjoy weaving my passion to share other’s stories through the vehicle of online marketing. My focus in that realm is in social media content creation, advertising and account management, public relations, and content marketing. All of my work is done with respect to the authenticity and integrity of a client and their work. I’m not interested in creating ‘click bait’ for the sake of increased sales. I’m not a one-stop shop for all things online marketing– video, SEO, Google Adwords, web design and maintenance are all for another talented individual to assist you with. I can consult with you and guide you in the right direction in those areas. 

I’m enamored by the process of capturing the spirit and purpose of people’s lives, their ideas and processes, their dreams and goals, and defining the best strategy to tell those stories online. I enjoy working with artists and organizations, helping them dive deep into their craft, connecting the dots to determine how best to share their work in thoughtful, cohesive, planned strategies across multiple platforms. Sometimes a press release and accompanied outreach to help foster community engagement and support is needed. Oftentimes, specific stories based on a creation process as well as a detailed “Frequently Asked Question” page and supportive social media strategy to help answer questions around what the organization does and why, is most helpful. 


 My goal is to create content that is authentic to you and your work, helps draw your voice out into a social space to connect with others in a consistent and thoughtful way while reaching the goals for your work, whether that’s educating your community, sharing resources, offering a product or service or advocating for a cause.  I’m very involved in the local community and enjoy sharing freelance stories from western North Carolina in publications such as Food Life Magazine, The Laurel of Asheville and Mountain Xpress, which you can find several of in my blog.