About Me


While I’ve been a writer since I was small, it wasn’t until my time studying at UNC Asheville that I began to hone in on writing in the digital space. It all began with an internship for a southern soft drink company, who hired me to run guerrilla marketing campaigns on campus and later upload photos from the events to the digital platform of that era, MySpace. I know–gasp!

Fast forward three years and I’m sitting in the board room of the Grove Park Inn, discussing a social media marketing strategy. It was during my time with JB Media that I furthered my understanding of digital marketing and the necessary elements in creating and managing online campaigns and the strategy to support small businesses in meeting their goals.

During my five years there, I served as a social media strategist and manager, crowdfunding campaign strategist, blog writer, public relations support, and search engine optimization copywriter. Afterward, I went on to work as a contractor, serving several local nonprofits utilizing what I’d learned during my time there. I enjoy working with small businesses and nonprofits to develop authentic and sustainable online marketing strategies, helping define goals, create valuable content, increase engagement and awareness. 

My goal is to help you create content that is authentic to your craft. I believe in quality over quantity. By working together, we will define the most meaningful and impactful strategies to share your offering online. We will do this by co-creating natural partnerships that help uplift your work, developing story-lines within an overarching content marketing strategy, and utilizing your social networks to do the same–creating thoughtful, educational, and inspiring information that will help grow your niche audience organically.