New Collection of Poetry, Letters for Tallulah

I’m so grateful to be able to share that after eight months of editing and layout, my completed collection of 35 poems written over the course of the last three years are now available in Letters for Tallulah. Many poems from my former collection Soft With Me are included as well as 15 new pieces found in journals from 2019 in memory to my spirit baby Tallulah.

You can order Letters for Tallulah through Etsy, which will come signed, with dreamy Appalachian artwork created by the incredible Artist Jackie Rubino. Special thanks to the Haywood County Arts Council for the impetus in furthering my work printing and publishing my poetry last fall, my patient book editor Kim Pitman, the support of Alli Marshall for compiling such a touching video on the banks of the French Broad River, which was shared on the Kickstarter homepage that helped fund the initial printing, and my dear friend Phil Cheney for being endlessly supportive of my work.

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