Connecting Poetry with Nature for Hominy Rising Art Exhibit

I’m so touched to be one of 14 artists chosen to create work that honors and celebrates the ecology of the greenway and 10 years of existence maintaining its wild nature, preserving the area’s rich history, and connecting the community to the river and downtown. I’m painting soft connective words from my poetry book ‘Soft With Me’ onto river rocks, words that found me while deep in the wood or gently gliding alongside the ducks in the French Broad River. I will tuck them underneath the trees for folks to gently take in as they do a falling leaf, a deep breath, a full nervous system reset underneath the forest canopy.

The Hominy Rising exhibit featuring the work of 14 local artists will be on display October 2-10. I hope you’ll come out and spend some time in this beloved space, maintained by the incredible dedication of the Friends of the Hominy Creek Greenway.

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