Invited to the Eternal Feast

An outstretching, unfurling…
Slow step. And again.
Perhaps you’ll carry this ache just a bit further around the bend.
And then again. 

We cannot know what’s waiting in tomorrow’s womb.
Wouldn’t want to ruin her sweet surprise. 
Quiet the mind.
Sink hips to thighs and thighs to calves and calves to toes and go on now, 
set forth with her.
Reconnect the dark docile body 
To the wild fire sun.
Remind her from whence she was born.
Mmm. And again.

Wallow in this warmth like a private beach for your birthday.
Time a flaming carrot cake.
Big enough for obedient and steadfast you.
Ravenous free-roaming riverside you.
All the yous invited to this eternal feast.
Currency is reciprocal here.
Regenerative in this exchange.
All slow burning together again.

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