The Meepers…

Long ago in a land far away, there lived a warm, moppy-topped bunch known as the Meepers. Perhaps you’ve heard this tale before.

Their homes were delicately built of gathered sticks and marigold flowers, tucked within a thick pine forest that stretched for many miles alongside the riverbank. In fact, most of the planet Pax Vitali was comprised of thin pine canopies and vast flower fields of calendula and yarrow alongside the forceful Adamo River.

The Meepers carried stories of strong hardwood forests from many moons ago, before the planets multiplied in the sky and their resources were needed to support the curious two-legged life forms. They didn’t mind sharing as their guiding philosophies were based in reciprocity and the co-creation of a thriving interconnected inter-planetary realm. A collectively shared space where all could respectfully roam the rivers, learn to live in tandem with the land.

With short striped legs and large potato-like feet, their fluffy topped bodies flopped in a wild mess of fur, with two twinkling eyes tucked within. Through the forests they’d clomp with their large feet, collecting materials as needed for their communities to cook elaborate meals, create stronger rafts to ride the river, comb their unruly furs of pine sap at night and test their skill and wit with one another in rounds of Rilk and Silvers, both around the fire and within the soft beds of flowers with their sharpened pine spears.

They were a playful, competitive bunch, yet their warrior spirit was attuned to a greater good. In fact, they were built to harness light energy, store it within the folds of their fur and the stripey-stacked poles of their legs, which would extend upwards of 50 feet when needed to oppose the insidious dark forces.

And oh were their wild and wise little spirits needed for the dark days ahead. But please darling, make yourself a pot of tea before I begin to tell you how the Meepers traversed the interplanetary realms to support Planet Earth….

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